Should you need to find out how to improve your online reputation, to adjust your price strategy or to increase your sales, our free seminars will definitely help you discover how to reach your goal.

Our training will allow you to learn step by step how our platform works, so that you will be able to handle Hotelbrand without any problem. We are pretty sure it will become an essential tool for your business!

Our seminars will deal with:

  • The great potential of Hotelbrand: a set of tools for the analysis, comparison and optimization of rates, reviews and the brand reputation of hotel facilities, in a single user-friendly platform.
  • Prized, the Rate Checker. This tool allows you to compare the rates of your room with your competitors’ ones, up to 365 days for each OTA (Online Travel Agency).
  • Explanations and guidelines concerning the interpretation of the data and the information provided by Prized, so as to optimize and to define the best revenue strategy for your business.
  • Habout, the Review Analysis. This tool allows you to analyze and monitor your guests’ feedback. Reviews can strongly influence your bookings: focus on the importance of online reputation management.
  • The Sentiment Analysis of your hotel’s reviews on the different OTAs in order to make a comparison with your competitors.
  • Interpretation of the data and the information provided by Habout, in order to optimize and define a complete revenue strategy, by taking into account both the data relating to rates (quantitative factors – Prized), and the information pertaining to reviews (qualitative factors – Habout).
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