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Price and value in the Revenue Strategy

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In one of our latest posts, we have dealt with the identification of your hotel’s competitors but we have also underlined the fact that one of the crucial factors to define your competitive set is the price. Knowing your competitors’ rates definitely allows you to best adjust your pricing strategy. Nevertheless, apart from the price, …

How additional services can increase your revenue

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Ryanair has recently announced its intention to give some tickets for free during the next five years. So in which way this renowned low-cost airline is going to increase its earnings? The CEO of the Irish company has stated that selling extra services at the airport will allow to balance out the “loss” deriving from …

How to segment your room prices

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There is no doubt that setting the same price to all of your rooms is by far the worst strategy to optimize the profitability of your hotel. That’s the reason why any hotel manager should diversify the price of his/her rooms according to some factors. 1 Time When implementing the price segmentation of the rooms, …

How to create a converting offer for your hotel

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Many hoteliers, when deciding to publish an offer, often just focus on the graphic aspect and they tend to underestimate the content of the message, thus reducing the campaign conversion rate. How can you then manage to create an offer that will ensure you a higher conversion rate? If you are interested in this subject, …

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