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Destination branding: what it is and in which way hoteliers can benefit from it

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Destination branding: what it is and in which way hoteliers can benefit from it Hotels operate in a very competitive market and use several strategies in order to build their online presence and to strengthen their brand identity. Among these strategies, there are the social media management as well as the creation of an online …

How to increase customers’ loyalty through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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Increasing your customers’ satisfaction is by far one of the crucial goals which lead both to a greater loyalty degree and, consequently, to more direct bookings. However, customer loyalty is not easy to reach since there are several factors that mainly entail your ability to meet their basic needs. It is though necessary to understand …

The Fewer, the better: the advantage of small hotels

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Hotels with fewer rooms tend to have higher scores in reviews. This is the data based on some surveys which have been carried out on the major review sites. Why? Sometimes, having better reviews seems to be related to the fact that smaller-sized properties can have a closer relationship with their guests and they are …

How to increase hotel customers’ satisfaction through personalization

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Increasing your customer satisfaction is a goal all of you should pursue since, besides increasing your fidelity, it also enhances your brand reputation, thus positively influencing disintermediation and direct bookings. But how do you make your guests more satisfied? Undoubtedly, one of the most effective ways to ensure the maximum satisfaction is offering personalized services …

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