How to create a converting offer for your hotel

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Many hoteliers, when deciding to publish an offer, often just focus on the graphic aspect and they tend to underestimate the content of the message, thus reducing the campaign conversion rate. How can you then manage to create an offer that will ensure you a higher conversion rate? If you are interested in this subject, …

How to increase hotel customers’ satisfaction through personalization

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Increasing your customer satisfaction is a goal all of you should pursue since, besides increasing your fidelity, it also enhances your brand reputation, thus positively influencing disintermediation and direct bookings. But how do you make your guests more satisfied? Undoubtedly, one of the most effective ways to ensure the maximum satisfaction is offering personalized services …

How to analyze the occupancy of your hotel

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Differentiating the prices of your rooms is by far the most relevant step to increase your hotel’s revenue. The price segmentation though is the milestone of any revenue strategy but the question is: how can it work at its best? As we have already said in our article “How to segment the price of your …

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