Monitoring prices and online reputation of your hotel And comparing them with your competitors has never been so easy!

Many features, a single dashboard

Rate Checker

Compare personal rates with your competitors on different OTA.


All your reviews, discover what people say about you.

Sentiment Analysis

We analyze feedbacks released by your clients and help you to understand what they think of your structure and services.

Price change

We save pricing variation day by day. You can track your competitors sales strategy.


Hotels performance in average valuation index, based on Sentiment Analysis.


Compare your prices and reputation with competitors (maximum 10).


Improve your sales strategy and get a boost of revenues

Rates changing (actually) every day. Compare your prices with your competitors and achieve the best for your structure and your clients! Improve your sales strategy with Prized. You can analyze a period of interest discover your competitors strategies.
Be competitive and offer your best rate!


Improve your reputation starting to check it!

People reviews can influence your business.
Habout supports the knowledge about what customers think about your structure: analyze scores and reviews on, Tripadvisor and Expedia and learn what you can improve.
Immediately increase your sales!

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